High quality vinyl doors at affordable prices available in multiple colours and profiles

Premier Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

Premier vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinet doors are manufactured from start to finish in Perth Western Australia. The vinyl product itself is essentially a high quality, flexible PVC that is mouldable when heated. Vinyl wrap cabinet doors or thermo-formed doors in Perth are created by wrapping a sustainably sourced MDF door substrate (moisture resistant board) with a vinyl wrap using a vacuum, glue and heat process. The vinyl is wrapped across the front of the door, and around all edges in one continuous piece. This process allows Premier Vinyl doors to have seamless edges and be a durable option for your home. 

Premier Vinyl wrap cabinet doors come in a wide variety of colours. Colours are kept up-to-date with the current trends to ensure you get the best choice when it comes to your doors. The sheen level/finish can be supermatt, satin, gloss, texture, or Woodgrain. Premier Vinyl wrap can be used on the whole premier profile range (Flat, Profile and Recessed), making it quite versatile. We offer a wide range of Premier Profiles for you to choose from, to suite your home.

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Below are the links for our Vinyl colour range:

Bonlex is a 3D thermolaminate that is elegantly crafted from the highest quality materials, making Bonlex highly durable, with a long-lasting finish.

Available in an extensive range of colours and finishes, Bonlex creates sleek, modern, high quality finishes that are unsurpassed for quality by its competitors. This range is one we highly recommend to all architects, cabinetmakers and builders.

Click on the Link to see a full range of Bonlex Vinyls:

Deco Foil is a decorative film for MDF lamination, with a vast palette of solid, timberprint and abstract colours, Deco Foils will add character and style to your home. With exceptional design and durability Deco Foils are suitable for any internal joinery application including kitchen cupboards, vanities, wardrobes, custom built furniture, storage units and laundry cupboards.

Click on the Link to see a full range of Deco Vinyls:

Surteco combines the charm of natural woodgrains with the affordability of vinyl wrap, they offer realistic woodgrains that are durable and easy to maintain. They also offer a wide range of high quality solid colours to choose from.


Click on the Link to see a full range of Surteco Wood finish Vinyls:



Nikpol Renolit 3D Film is the newest addition to our vinyl colour range, with high quality woodgrains and solid finishes.


At Premier Cabinet Doors, we have always worked with the best suppliers of Vinyl wrap, to ensure you get the biggest range of colour choices and ensured that you get the highest quality for your home. 

We already have the colour range from some of the leading brands such as Bonlex, Decofoils, Surteco and Nikpol. However, we are constantly expanding our cabinet door vinyl wrap colour range and looking for new and innovative ways to continually improve our product.

Things to consider when choosing the right cabinet door colour for your home:

While you are choosing a cabinet colour, here are a few things we suggest to think about.

Do you want to:

  • Complement your benchtop: If you want your room to feel bigger, you must choose a cabinet door colour that works well and complements your benchtop. This will give your room a seamless design and a uniform colour palette.
  • Contrast your benchtop: If you have a larger room or would like to create more of a statement in a certain area, we recommend you choose a cabinet door colour that contrasts your bench top. This will make that part of your room, or area of your home more of a focal point.
  • Have Multi-cabinetry colours: When creating a feature wall, or adding more dimension to your kitchen area, often more than one colour is chosen for the cabinet doors. This helps define and give depth to that area.
  • Have all one colour cabinetry: Create a calm, open room by choosing one colour for your cabinet doors. This opens up a space with whites or gives off moody feelings with darker colours, while not getting lost in the busyness of multiple colours in one area.

With these considerations in mind, you can start looking at different kitchen cabinet door colours in our collection and choose the one the suits your style.

If you are unsure what kind of colour will suit your cabinet doors best, our professional team at Premier Cabinet Doors is more than happy to help. Enquiries