Painted doors are a great option for a high-end cabinetry, with endless options of colours and multiple finishes to choose from. You are guaranteed to get exactly the personalised style you are after

Premier Painted cabinet doors and panels are created using a 2pac polyurethane paint that provides a striking, easy-clean finish and high level of moisture resistance, making it both a stylish and functional choice. With a comprehensive range of colors and finishes which includes gloss cabinet doors, satin, textured, and matt, plus numerous Profiles to ensure you will find the right style to deliver an ultra-premium look.

To Order Premier Custom Painted cabinet doors contact us or download this order form: Premier Order Form.xlsx and send it through to We offer a wide range of Premier Profiles for you to choose from, to get the right finish and design for you.

For our colour recommendations please see below.

Our professional and experienced team of craftsmen will ensure that every design detail is built into the custom-painted cabinet door just for you. Whether you are choosing gloss cabinet doors or satin finish, we will surely deliver the same with the utmost proficiency.

When it comes to painted doors, we use the highest quality Dulux and Taubman colours to bring the best finish to the painted door. For example, if you choose our textured cabinet doors, we will ensure that it offers the element of warmth and luxury to your cabinets with the right paints.

So, get in touch with our team to know more about our wide range of cabinet doors such as textured cabinet doors, satin, gloss, and more.

If you have any Enquiries regarding the Premier Painted doors our friendly team at Premier Cabinet doors is more than happy to help.