Painted doors are a great option for a high-end cabinetry, with endless options of colours and multiple finishes to choose from. You are guaranteed to get exactly the personalised style you are after

Premier Painted cabinet doors and panels are created using a 2pac polyurethane paint that provides a striking, easy-clean finish and high level of moisture resistance, making it both a stylish and functional choice. With a comprehensive range of colors and finishes which includes gloss cabinet doors, satin, textured, and matt, Premier Paint doors are avaliable in our full Profile range to ensure you will find the right style to deliver an ultra-premium look.

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For our colour recommendations please see below.

White & Neutrals
Taubmans Range

Here at Premier Cabinet Doors we have a professional and experienced team of craftsmen that will ensure that every design detail is built into the custom-painted cabinet door just for you. Whether you are choosing gloss cabinet doors or satin finish, we will surely deliver the same with the utmost proficiency.

The Finishes avaliable are: 0% Supermatt, 10% Matt, 30% Satin, 60% Semi-Gloss and 100% Gloss

So, get in touch with our team to know more about our wide range of cabinet doors such as textured cabinet doors, satin, gloss, and more.


A bit more about our Painted Cabinet Doors

Why Choose Premier Painted Cabinet Doors

Premier Painted Kitchen Cabinet Doors, why choose them?


When planning for your new home or renovating an existing home, you want to choose cabinet doors that will last and stand the test of time. By choosing Premier Painted Cabinet doors you are getting 2pac Painted Cabinet doors made here in Perth Western Australia from start to finish, the wood is all sustainably sourced from suppliers in Australia. This not only means the highest quality is assured, but the turnaround time we are able to achieve while maintaining the highest quality standards is like no other. 


With Premier Painted Cabinet Doors, the profile you choose and each cabinet door going into your kitchen is handled with care by a real person, each door is expertly checked and sanded to ensure you get the best finish to the highest standard.


Each profile is hand sanded so that the profile you have chosen is sharply defined. (This ensures) and an even finish is achieved when your cabinet door is hand painted by our painting experts.

Lastly, with Premier Painted cabinet doors your options for colours are endless, you can choose any paintable colour. By having this option you are guaranteed to find the colour that is a perfect match for your home.


In Summary, the reason we would highly recommend choosing Premier Painted Cabinet Doors is:

      Long lasting

     A profile definition like no other

     Each door is individually handled by a real person

      Unlimited colour selection


So whether you are a builder, cabinetmaker or looking to build or renovate your own home; if you want the highest quality cabinet doors available, go with Premier Cabinet Doors. 


If you have any questions regarding Premier Painted Cabinet Doors, please don’t hesitate to contact us. available